Become an SBWL Member Today!

Fill out the form the below email your application to us with “Membership Application” in the subject line (please note your method of payment on the application). Pay for your membership using PayPal below. If you have any questions, email us at and put “Membership Question” in the subject line.


How do I join Santa Barbara Women Lawyers?

Answer: Membership is renewed on a yearly basis.  Apply or renew by downloading and returning the above application and return by mail.

Where can I find more information about Santa Barbara Women Lawyers’ Events?

Answer: Check out the list of events on our events page.

How do I join a Santa Barbara Women Lawyers mentoring circle?

Answer: If you are a current SBWL member, you join a SBWL mentoring circle. If you are interested in joining a mentoring circle, please contact SBWL at and provide your name, experience level, employer, and practice area. A SBWL Board member will contact you regarding placement in a mentoring circle.

How can I support Santa Barbara Women Lawyers?

Answer: Attend SBWL MCLE events, networking events, Annual Dinner, join the Board of Directors for SBWL or SBWLF, volunteer to assist with a SBWL committee, submit articles for SBWL to consider for inclusion into SBWL newsletters, and donate to the SBWL Foundation.

How do I nominate someone for ‘Attorney of the Year’?

Answer: At its Annual Dinner every December, SBWL presents its ‘Attorney of the Year’ Award. Usually, nomination forms are released in late Summer and due sometime in Fall. A copy of the most recent nomination form can be found at our events page.

Does Santa Barbara Women Lawyers award scholarships?

Answer: Each year, Santa Barbara Women Lawyers Foundation awards scholarships to deserving high school and law students. More information can be found on our scholarship page.  The deadline varies each year.  The scholarships are presented by the Foundation at an Awards Luncheon during the Fall.

How can I donate to Santa Barbara Women Lawyers Foundation?

Answer: Tax deductible donations can me made to Santa Barbara Women Lawyers Foundation by visiting our Foundation page.