Gender Inequality At Firms Persists Nationwide

By Kate Lee

I wanted to highlight an important article from last month posted on Above The Law entitled “The Glass Ceiling Report: Law Firms Say They Support Women, But Are Nowhere Near Closing The Gender Gap” by journalist Staci Zaretsky. The article explores the conclusions of Law360’s annual Glass Ceiling Report, which surveys law firms across the country to obtain data on the demographics of their workforce. The data showed that women lawyers remain underrepresented at firms. While women have outnumbered men at law schools since 2016, the article notes that there has not been comparable progress for women in private practice. Especially in leadership roles, the article observes that female representation is “depressingly static.” When you have a few minutes, I invite you to read the article and consider our Santa Barbara legal community. Have we achieved gender parity at local firms? Do our female attorneys widely hold leadership positions and have equity partnerships? Please send us feedback on how we can continue to highlight this issue at the local level and help advance gender equality in the legal community.

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