July Local Non-Profit Spotlight

UC Santa Barbara’s Legal Educational Association of Diversity (LEAD)

What do they do? LEAD is an organization dedicated to providing little to no cost resources to individuals thinking about whether or not they would like to attend law school. LEAD promotes brotherhood/sisterhood among driven students of all backgrounds interested in law by creating strong relationships, mentorships, community involvement, resources, and providing information to facilitate the transition between college and law school.

Why is their work important?  Low-income people of color tend to be underrepresented in the legal field, which has many barriers to entry. LEAD is working hard to get rid of these barriers for UCSB’s undergraduate students. For ten years, LEAD has helped dozens of students with their path to law school with some even currently attending the top law schools in the nation.

How can I help? Due to COVID19, LEAD has been unable to fund the cost it takes to run the organization. Their goal is to raise $10,000 for the year. 100% of the money goes straight to helping the members of the organization; none is kept for the board members as a stipend or payment. Any amount helps!  Donate by mailing a check to Attn: Coleen Sears, UCSB Student Life Suite, 2260 Student Resource Building, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5010.  Please make out the check to “UCSB Office of Student Life” and have “Legal Education Association for Diversity (LEAD)” written out in the memo line.