California Bar Association

California Code of Civil Procedure

California Court Interpreters Association

California Grand Jurors Association - disseminating information about the Grand Jury process.

California Law - searchable database of California codes.

California Law Revision Commission - works on projects authorized by legislative resolution

California State Courts - provides access to California court Web sites; explains the California court system; and provides information on court-related publications.

California State Senate - This WWW server is maintained by the California State Senate, Rules Commitee -- Computer Services. We serve Senators, senate staff and the public. You are welcome to browse the information stored at this site.

Legislative Analyst's Office

Office of Administrative Law


FindLaw Internet Legal Resources- "FindLaw" contains an index with links to numerous legal sources, including Constitutional, Intellectual Property, Labor and other special interests, Law Schools, Law Reviews, National Bars, State Bars, Local Bars, Directories, Laws: Cases & Codes, Supreme Court Opinions, Constitution, U.S. Federal Government Resources, Foreign & International Resources, Legal News, Legal Practice Materials, and more.

Law Runner - Index to legal materials through global index and American state index. Offers more than 1,100 advanced query templates found on more than 300 forms to facilitate usage of the most complex query parameters built into the AltaVista? Software.


The Global Fund for Women - International organization focusing on female human rights. Includes literacy, domestic violence, economic autonomy, and the international trafficking of women, and supports women's groups based outside of the U.S.

The International Center for Research on Women - Private nonprofit promoting social and economic development, with women's full participation. Generates empirical information women's productive and reproductive roles, their status in the family, their leadership in society, and their management of environmental resources. Advocates with governments and multilateral agencies, convenes experts in formal and informal forums, publishes.

National Women's History Project - Showcase of women's contributions to American history.

The United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women - News and updates.

Women's International Center - Nonprofit foundation hosts the "Living Legacy Awards" to honor women and men who make a lasting contribution to society.

California Women Lawyers - CWL is a nonprofit state-wide organization devoted to the development of women in the profession of law.

Planned Parenthood - Healthcare for women.