Monique Fierro


As a civil litigation attorney at Bamieh & De Smeth, PLC, Monique fights on behalf of individual clients to seek redress from the injustices they have suffered and to enforce their civil rights. While Monique primarily focuses on work to end discriminatory practices across all areas including education, employment, and housing, her work spans all areas of civil litigation from personal injury cases such as car accidents, domestic violence, and sex abuse to broad civil rights litigation enforcing individual rights under state and federal law.

Monique is experienced in representing victims of trauma and vulnerable populations in the areas of employment, education, civil rights, and personal injury.  Monique’s employment law experience spans from work to prevent discrimination, harassment, and unsafe and unhealthy conditions in the workplace to wage and hour disputes and farmworker protections.  In education law, Monique works to educate parents and students on their rights, to protect students from discrimination, bullying, and abuse, and to enforce the rights of students with disabilities to receive a Free Appropriate Public Education.

Outside of work, Monique volunteers her time with numerous organizations in Ventura and Santa Barbara county that support access to justice and equality for all.